This is a space for me to muse about modern spirituality, sobriety and motherhood through my lens of being an Indigenous/Black creator and healer…… all that sounds super concise and catchy, but real talk: I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time 😬😆. I do know that approaching life with a good attitude, keeping a sense of humor and having support (both spiritual and with people) have been key to getting me to this place where I’m feel a pull to share.

Writing started as an outlet for lessons and ah-ha moments that I’ve had along my journey of wellness, spirituality and navigating mid-life. What has happened recently, that I didn’t expect, is that my eyes have been opened to the importance of representation.  Growing up in any colonized culture, things are homogenized and whitewashed; pop culture on tv/print/online, to this day, primarily have white actors/creators. Most of the stories of brown people on screen are usually our historical stories of trauma and tragedy, or a biopic… or a token ‘minority movie’ with an all minority cast. I’ve also experienced this same whitewashing when it comes to spirituality; I’m not complaining, I’m just stating that none of those representations are my experience. So I’m going to represent.

While this blog is very much a space for me to share about topics that inspire me- spirituality and my connection to Source energy will be at the center of all my writing. I would like to note right away that I use the following terms interchangeably: God, Creator, Universe, Divine Energy. They are all the same to me, they’re all labels for my connection to something/someone greater than myself. I would also like to say that I don’t follow any particular religion or spiritual sect/leader; my spirituality is a very personal relationship between myself and Creator. The more that I lean into my faith in spirituality, the stronger my intuition becomes, and quite often outside guidance will distract and pull away from my ability to hear and trust myself. Don’t get me wrong, If I’m feeling like i need to seek something outside myself or that I need help, I will absolutely utilize resources and tools like having energy work done, going to therapy or even tarot readings. The shift has been, that I used to seek those external things first, then look inward; now i look inward and if i need support, than I’ll look externally. 

Before I share my experiences, I also want to say: there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to do spirituality, your journey is specific to you, and you’re doing it perfectly.  Wherever you are on your personal path, I’m so honored that it has led you here. 

Let’s do this.


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