A synchronicity is a ‘wink’ from the Universe. A sign or meaningful coincidence that is, more often than not, magical as fuck. When I experience synchronicity, I take it as the Universe telling me that I’m either getting closer to being in the ‘right’ direction- lately the synchronicities that I’ve experienced have been telling me I’m EXACTLY on my path, which is new and cool and so exciting. I’ve learned that acknowledgement of these small miracles strengthens our connection with Universe/Source Energy/Creator/God and also helps to grow our connection to ourselves and our own intuition. 

With that in mind, i wanted to carve out a small space to share my stories/experiences  specifically about synchronicity with the idea of it growing into a space where others can share their stories too. No shit, no fucking joke- I cannot get enough of hearing other people’s stories of coincidences that happen where there is no other explanation than the influence of the Universe. Big or small, I fucking love synchronicity! 

So here is my story, that just happened this past week:

I have two very dear dear friends, that I will most likely gab on an on about in future blogs: Shannon is my twin flame bff who is also a Cancer Crab and is legit my ‘other half’. We speak the exact same language and she is a big activator in my spiritual growth, bc she can call me on my bullshit in the most loving way. Miranda is my sister in sobriety; after years of partying and drinking together, we coincidentally got sober within weeks of each other. The timing was completely unplanned and our friendship has evolved with our sobriety; she is in AA and can speak to my alcoholic brain in a tough but loving way.

Shannon and I were having a random text conversation Wednesday last week, and we got onto the subject of drinking (I am 3.5 years sober, she is a normie who just had a phase). She said something that sparked a realization that for the first few years of my drinking, I didn’t know what blacking out was and I had some unresolved trauma around those lost periods of time. I told Shannon that it was so weird that she sparked that memory because I hadn’t even thought about that time period and didn’t realize that I still had some healing to do; my ignorance had cause me a lot of harm that I didn’t realize. I gave the feeling some space, talked it out a bit more and just kind of moved on.

The next day I received a phone call from a family member that was unexpectedly triggering and set off a series of realizations where I decided that I’m getting back into therapy  (after a 2 year hiatus) and that I’m not ready to see people as a reiki practitioner right now. It’s important to note that I’ve been studying and intentionally working for the past 2 1/2 years towards doing energy work as a profession full time. I am currently a full time artist, but i have been  putting all of my spare time into working with Source/Universal Energy as a channel for energy to help heal people on a deeper level. I do plan on working with energy in the future, I’ve just experienced enough blockages and signs to where I finally got the message that this isn’t my time for that as a profession. Friday morning I was texting with Miranda, telling her about the series of events that were leading me to make these significant changes and how I realized that I needed to put energy back into myself. Miranda and I talked out how all these things happen for a reason and she was so encouraging and applauded my self reflection and subsequent action (let me tell you, having people who cheer on self care are YOUR PEOPLE). 

Here is where the synchronicity happened (finally lol). Miranda will randomly send me AA speaker shares from YouTube, so i wasn’t too surprised when she sent me one a few hours after we chatted. I was doing some beading so I welcomed the content to listen to while i was working. The share was kind of funny, I didn’t really relate to it and was close to getting up to turn it off; it was an Irish man who mixed dirty jokes with low key and overt homophobic/racist/xenophobic stories with alcoholism as the overarching problem……. not the ignorance? Anyway, the share wasn’t striking any cords with me, his voice was a bit jarring, I wasn’t feeling it. Just as I was about to get up he started to share a story about how when he first began to drink that he didn’t know what blacking out was.

Me: What in the actual FUCK?! 👀 

As I listened on to his share, it was like he was telling MY story, the exact story that I had just told Shannon two days earlier about how I didn’t know that my body kept going when I was blacked out. He went into detail about the extreme confusion, shame and embarrassment that we felt waking up the next morning having lost hours of our lives and not knowing how we got home. He even touched on something I hadn’t thought about- the looks. The looks from people who had seen us blacked out and the horror of hearing about how we acted while wasted. I grabbed my phone to tell Shannon how weird it was that this guy was sharing about something that I had JUST shared with her; the story was still playing in the background and just as I went to hit send I heard him say: 

“I came out of a black out walking down the street with an Eskimo woman”

This might not strike you as weird, but Shannon is from an Indigenous group of people that was formerly referred to as Eskimo so…. the fact that I was texting an Inupiaq/Cupik Womxn right as he was saying ‘Eskimo woman’ hit so hard! It felt like a synchronicity within a synchronicity. I mean, c’mon now, how many things had to happen in perfect sequence for all that to happen? Too many. The Universe has sooooo many things to show us and to help guide us along our path to be our best selves- we just have to listen!

So, ya girl is back in therapy. Energy work is on hold. This new blog is live. Earring sales are on lock. Life is good y’all xoxo 😘 

I would love, love, LOVE to hear your stories of synchronicity- big or small. If you feel compelled to share, please comment below or shoot me a dm on Instagram @brownboujeeempath or send me an email BrownBoujeeEmpath@gmail.com I love to hear them and in the future (with permission) I would love to be able to share!

Thank you for taking the time to read my #SynchronicitySunday share, please check back on Friday for my weekly blog post! Gunalchéesh✨ 

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